The OM Network

Alignment to Enlightenment

Why join The OM Network?

OM is short for One Moksha: “One” representing “we are all one” and “Moksha” being Hindu for “the highest level of enlightenment.”

The OM Network is a community of leaders, rebels, spiritual seekers, and personal growth junkies. We've created this space for YOU to have a healthy, safe, and productive outlet for all of that energy you feel that's pushing you to GROW as a human being. 

Led by Melanie Spring, the leader of the Brilliant Rebellion, and Dan Russell, the founder of Hama, these two communities are the yin and yang at One Moksha. The Brilliant Rebellion (masculine energy) provides the drive, the structure, and the alignment needed to build a fulfilling life—and Hama (feminine energy) provides the healing, the reflection, and the connection needed to actually enjoy that life.

Join us here for a curated, inclusive community and beautiful souls who want the best for the world. Because we are all one.